What I eat – The “AshSimmonds” diet

Folk ask occasionally, it’s easier to post it here and refer to it when necessary.

Food Rules

Basic Guidelines

For those who wonder if I’m a picky eater, well my only real rule is:

  • is it an unadulterated animal part or product thereof? I’ll eat it.
  • if not, it’s flavour – not really food. But sometimes worth eating it

So yes, I can eat a fucking vegetable, if it’s tasty.

Otherwise I just eat meat. I’m not “low carb” or “doing keto/Atkins”, I just eat meat. Simple enough?

And yes, I’ve killed gazillions of animals that I’ve eaten. I’ve killed many that others have eaten. I have no moral quandaries with eating meat, and I like to use as much of the animal as possible.

You could sum up my eating strategy thusly: Low Human Interference.

Specific Guidelines

After that my diet is proscriptive – it’s simply a matter of avoiding excess of the worst stuff.

In order of personal importance:
– seed oils (“canola”, soybean, etc)
– grains
– fiber (insoluble predominantly)
– sugar

Sidebar: I’m starch agnostic.

I see no logical reason to consume much of it, plus I prefer how I feel when ketogenic so I mostly avoid it, but I’m not militant about it, I do enjoy an occasional spud or other starchy veggie, but wouldn’t make a habit of it.



0-6,000 cals/day, average probably 2,500-3,000 maybe.


– ~70-85% fat, mostly saturated
– ~100-150g protein
– as few carbs as I can manage – typically ~10-30g but often zero and occasionally up to 100g+

Sidebar – I consume what I call “Beneficial Carbs”, as in those that come with items that the taste/social/mental/spiritual benefit outweighs the metabolic damage.

Eg, Frequently: red wine, flavour veggies, dark chocolate.
Occasionally: popcorn, beer, crackers, social finger foods, and whatever meal someone has prepared for me if I visit their place.

Meal size and frequency

Probably average 1.5 meals a day, ie often just one but sometimes two.

I tend to eat either BIG or small – I call it Intermittent Feasting. Bitch.

You could call what I do “Protein Cycling” I guess, for eg in the morning I might just have a shake made of 100-200ml of cream and a couple egg yolks mixed with water and some flavouring, which makes about 60-100g of fat with negligble protein. Then for dinner might just have a plain steak or chicken or lamb. In general I simply eat fatty meat often supplemented with fat, but sometimes I just want fat or just protein. My hormones are pretty good at telling me so I just trust them.


I don’t often get “full”, I get metabolically/hormonally sated, and then just don’t tend to eat for another 12-48 hours.

Actual food

In general order of quantity/frequency these are my staples:
– beef
– fish
– eggs (often just yolks)
– lamb
– prawns
– cream
– red wine
– pork
– chicken
– bones, marrow, offal, gristly bits, etc
– onions
– mushrooms
– garlic
– dark chocolate (~85%)
– leafy green veggies
– oysters
– cheese
– broth
– nuts (macadamias and cashews mostly)
– orange veggies

Sidebar – I nearly always select the fattiest cuts of meat, and either cover in butter/oil or make sauces from them. For eg I’m quite happy to put 50g (2oz) of butter on a 300g (11oz) steak.

I eat as much of the gristly bits as I can, eg bone and marrow and cartilege and skin and guts and exoskeleton etc. I’d go as far to say that is what I consider the actual nutritional food, and just consider meat to be what I eat for taste and filling out a meal. Think of how a normal person eats rice and bread and noodles – those make up the bulk of the meal, but they aren’t the point of it.


Other than caffiene, none habitually.

Example day

This is a reasonably good example of an average day without booze:

And here’s a day that starts out with drinking:


Here’s 3 months of MyFitnessPal data.







sat fat

mono fat

poly fat



vitamin a

vitamin c